NFC smart rings


Wearable technology?… NFC rings store personal info at your fingertips. By:

FIRST there were smartwatches, then Google Glasses, and now NFC rings! These days, technology that also doubles up as a wearable accessory is becoming increasingly popular. So it was only a matter of time before the creation of a ring that stores personal information.

The NFC ring is not yet available to buy and is currently being funded on Kickstarter. However the project has gone well above its desired target of £30,000 and has so far raised more than a whopping £120,000, which means it’ll probably hit markets soon.

The basis of the ring is simple, NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a wireless technology that allows data to be shared between two NFC-enabled devices over very short distances. Like a wedding ring you wear it pretty much all the time and it allows users to lock and unlock front doors that are also NFC-enabled, unlock smartphones simply by touch, store website URLs, Wi-Fi passwords and other digital bits and bobs.

The concept itself is handy, the ring has a transmitter on one side that is able to broadcast public information, while the other side features “private” data, such as passwords. Using the ring, you canexchange information with others while being safe in the knowledge that your private data will stay secure.  The video below demonstrates how you can wirelessly unlock your phone with only one side of the ring:


Not only this but the ring does not ever need to be charged or updated because it only uses passive NFC.  For now, you can dish out £22, download the app and get a ring delivered this September.Choose between two sizes: 7mm or 12mm (the Alpha Man Size ring) if you have bigger fingers. Unfortunately, the technology is not yet compatible with iPhones, and the 7mm ring does not work for certain Android and Blackberry devices. Meanwhile if you lose the ring, it might not be easily replaced!


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