Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Capture the moment.

10x zoom, always at hand.

Real Optics & Effortless Capturing
A slim profile image with its lens out and a dynamic angle image of the product are placed together.

Your everyday smartphone is now a powerful camera. Embrace
the portability, take it everywhere you go, and witness incredible
photos come to life.
*Features may vary by region and product specifications.

There placed a Samsung GALAXY K zoom's dynamic angle image showing the ergonomic curves of the body.

Real Optics

Powerful optics made impressively slim

New retracting lens technology makes the 10x optical zoom powerful yet remarkably slim, giving you the sharpness of real optics in a chic body. And it’s so easy to use, with Pinch Zoom and one-touch Quick Zoom.

There is a mother lifting up her son. They are smiling with their head to head. On click of the play button, the screen displays how Pinch Zoom gesture works and then zooms 4 times. Following this scene, the screen displays how Pinch Zoom gesture works and then zooms 10 times.

A group of friends are seated around campfire. A focus frame is shown on the image and inside the frame the picture seems much brighter. It shows how bright picture CMOS Sensor can take even in low light.
See the bright side of every picture you take

GALAXY K zoom is packed with power that even pros can respect. A bright 20.7MP BSI CMOS sensor gives you
brilliant shots even in low light, and an onboard ISP chip makes details even sharper.

A couple is holding their hands with the sun rising behind them. It is a comparison cut of two identical images. One is shot with LED flash and the other is shot with xenon flash. Viewers can find the image shot with xenon flash is more natural and bright.
Get natural brilliance with Xenon Flash

GALAXY K zoom uses a special Xenon Flash, which is brighter and travels further than LEDs. It also gives you more natural tones, and has a strobe that stops the action, so you never miss a moment.

Keep it steady with Optical Image Stabilizer

Real optics make a real difference, especially when zooming in on
faraway subjects and shooting in low-lit places. OIS steadies your
shot, ensuring sharper images and higher quality video, all the time.

A person in a car is taking a picture of a man waving his hand on his bicycle. Though the car is moving, Samsung GALAXY K zoom is able to take a sharp picture with OIS feature.
For truly captivating Full HD videos

Shoot Full HD 1080/60p video with vivid detail and natural smooth motion. Relive the beauty of all your memories in stunningly clear and precise motion pictures.

There are two screens in the image. The screen on the left is shooting a dog jumping for a Frisbee in 30fps setting, and one on the right is Samsung GALAXY K zoom shooting a same scene in 60fps setting. The zoomed image on Samsung GALAXY K zoom shows greater detail in comparison with the setting on the left.
    30fps Recording                                            60fps Full HD Recording

Effortless Capturing

    Get optimal pro results every time

    Using advanced algorithms, Pro Suggest analyzes your world through the lens. From gender to light and color, Pro Suggest detects your scene aspects and gives you 5 optimized setting suggestions for timeless photos.

    There placed a Samsung K zoom and on screen, a picture of lake in morning. A series of suggested settings appears on the screen and once a setting is selected, the picture changes automatically to the setting selected. After that, on screen image changes to a lake image in sunset. This time different series of suggested settings appears on the screen and once a setting is selected, the picture changes automatically to the setting selected one more time.

Say goodbye
to low quality selfies

Make the most of the powerful 20.7MP back
camera for selfies. Just touch the screen to set
where you want to appear, then turn it around
and wait for the beep. It even gives you three
shots to choose from!

Someone is taking a picture inside a nightclub. On click of the button, a finger appears and it designates the area on the screen. When her face is placed properly in the designated area, the Selfie Alarm feature takes 5 shots and suggests the best shot automatically.

The freedom to control your light

Separate your AF and AE and control tricky backlit scenes. A quick touch sets your focus zone. Another sets the exposure, and you’re set to capture the shot you want with the precise balance of light and clarity.

A boy and a girl are taking a walk. On click of the play button, the focus frame appears on the image and the text says “drag”. When the focus frame is moved, the exposure frame also moves, and the light balance changes instantly. At the end of the sequence, viewers can see the compared results of AE/AF feature and conventional mobile camera without AE/AF feature. Samsung GALAXY K zoom’s AE/AF feature takes a clear photo in the backlit situation.

Maintaining focus for unexpected movements

With the GALAXY K zoom’s object tracking feature, capturing your most adorable subjects as they move has never been easier. All you have to do is touch your subject and the AF follows it automatically.

There are 6 sequential images of a female tennis player serving a ball. Viewers can see that she is moving very fast and 6 focus frames are capturing her action precisely with Object Tracking feature.

Ergonomic Design

Inspiring neo classic design

The GALAXY K zoom features a neo classic design
with a perforated pattern. And with a slim 20.2mm body
that benefits from a retracting lens, you’ve got a smart-
phone with powerful camera capabilities.

Viewers can find the back image of white GALAXY K zoom and a front image of a black GALAXY K zoom placed side by side.
Thoughtful ergonomics for
a comfortable grip

The design of the GALAXY K zoom catches its inspiration
from the soft round curves of pebbles, giving it a rounded
back and superbly comfortable grip. A naturally ergonomic
beauty that’s a joy to hold and behold.

A hand is holding a Samsung GALAXY K zoom. The image emphasizes how comfortable grip the round back of Samsung GALAXY K zoom creates.
The ultimate hub for all your photo apps

Camera Studio 2.0 is the ultimate hub for photo apps. Find everything you
need to review, edit, and share photos with ease. Download new films from
Pro Suggest Market, edit with S Studio, and even add your own apps.

There placed a front image of a Samsung GALAXY K zoom and the zoomed image of the Camera Studio page.
Powerful performance behind the scenes

The powerfully efficient Exynos 5 Hexa processor balances all the complex
processes so you can focus on shooting great images. With better perfor-
mance and longer battery life, you can shoot more and shoot faster.

There is an Exynos 5 chip placed beside a Samsung GALAXY K zoom.
Always be ready

Instant Camera Mode is the fastest way to capture the moments that matter.
You can go from lock screen to camera mode with a single touch, or press
the volume and power buttons together for just 0.3 seconds.

There placed a Samsung GALAXY K zoom and on screen, a image of a boy playing on the swing. The Shutter Button and the Volume Button are indicated with text and viewers also can find an icon displaying 0.3 second.


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