Review : iLuv Syren Pro Weather Resistant Portable BlueTooth Speaker

iLuv Syren Pro Bluetooth Speaker Featured Image

Back in January at the annual CES event in Las Vegas, iLuv introduced us to their latest Bluetooth speaker, the Syren Pro. Their focus was on two things; features and of course sound quality. Both of which we’re going to break down for you today in our review of the Syren Pro.


The iLuv Syren Pro comes in two colors, white and black and as you will see by the images later on in this post, the folks at iLuv sent me a white one. The Syren Pro as you see is a semi-large speaker of sorts. It’s a bit taller than most speakers and that’s due to it’s cone shape. It’s mostly plastic so it’s very lightweight which comes in handy with regards to it being portable.

The Specs And What’s Included

The iLuv Syren Pro is 8.35in(W) x 11.61in(H) x 8.35in(D) in overall size. It weighs in at approximately 4.18 pounds which is due to the fact that it’s mostly plastic. The complete design of the Syren Pro to me doesn’t even look cheap like you will notice in some speakers that are plastic. It’s very well assembled and everything is very easily accessible as far as buttons, speaker or outlet jacks and such things like that.

There’s not much included within the box, but really what more do you need than the AC adapter and the iLuv Syren Pro speaker itself? Of course there’s an owner’s manual and a warranty card for you to register your product and that’s all you get.

Battery Life Of The iLuv Syren Pro

The iLuv Syren Pro can be fully charged from a complete discharge in approximately 4 hours. Once fully charged and unplugged from the AC adapter, the Syren Pro will last you about 10 – 12 hours. I’ve managed to get about 10 1/2 hours so far the couple of times that I took it outside for a little block party with the neighbors.

While 10 – 12 hours may not seem like a lot of time for a Bluetooth speaker to last on a full charge, that’s actually about normal these days. And especially with a speaker this size and of the quality that it is. One way to think about it is, how often are you out at the pool for 10 or more hours continuously? So chances are, your iLuv Syren Pro should last you for your outing on most occasions.

The Syren Pro Features

  • True wireless feature: Connect SyrenPro™ to a second unit wirelessly to create a stereo system
  • Incredible 360° sound
  • Weather/UV resistant
  • Voice prompt for quick and convenient pairing
  • 3” co-axial speaker
  • Rechargeable battery for 4 hours of playtime
  • Aux-in to connect to other devices

Now, let’s talk about some of the features a bit more in-depth for a minute to give you a true feeling for what the iLuv Syren Pro is all about and if it’s worth it or not.

The first feature I want to speak about is the True Wireless Connect that the iLuv Syren Pro offers. What this feature allows, and it’s something that you don’t see often in Bluetooth speakers, is the ability to pair two speakers together at the same time for a more stereo style sound.

Since the iLuv Syren Pro costs an average of $150, this means that if you dropped $300 and got two of them, you could use them both at the same time. Sounds like a great idea and it’s something I’ve often wanted to be able to do with speakers that I have found over time that I really like. Again, not a lot of Bluetooth speakers come with this feature so this is definitely a welcomed feature from iLuv.

iLuv Syren Pro Bluetooth Speaker 6

I’m sure many of you are asking how this process works and I’m going to tell you just how simple it is. One you pull both speakers from the box, make sure they are both off. On the back of each device is a little gray rubber cover. Pull that open and you’ll see a switch that you can choose either left(L), right(R), or Normal.

If you’re wanting to do two speakers, then on one device flip the switch to L and on the other device flip it to R. Once you turn both devices on, let them sit for about a minute or so and they will automatically pair together wirelessly.  One they are paired together, then just connect them to Bluetooth like you normally would with any other speaker on your device. It’s literally that simple and works very well.

Another cool little feature about the iLuv Syren Pro is the fact that it’s weather and UV resistant. What this means is that it’s something if you take it out to the park or something similar, you’re not going to have any issues with it. The Syren Pro is also splash resistant. So if you want to set it out by the pool you won’t have to worry about your kids doing a cannonball into the pool, getting it wet and it being ruined. However, just don’t go and throw it into the pool or the bathtub or anything like that because you’ll quickly be out of $150.

Sound Quality

This is of course the most important section of a speaker review as we all know. At the time of this writing I only had one iLuv Syren Pro speaker. Once I had it out of the box, plugged up and ready to go, I pushed play on my iHeart Radio widget on my Moto G’s homescreen to listen to my favorite alternative station.

Once the tunes started jamming, I of course had to tell my dad to cover his ears for a few minutes, because I wanted to test the sound quality turned up quite loudly being indoors at first. It was within seconds that I could easily say I was fairly impressed.

I turned the volume all the way up on the iLuv Syren Pro and nearly 3/4th of the way up on my Moto G to see how things would sound. I must say, they were decent if not a bit better than that. There was a bit of distortion on some words and notes within the first song that was on at the time. But of course remember, I was inside and as we all know, things do often sound different turned up loud indoors than they would outdoors. Especially since I was in a small bedroom.

So the next thing to do was to take the Syren Pro outside, and that was going to happen at the little neighborly get together we were about to have. Once I got this device outside I could tell a considerable difference in sound quality. Not that the speaker was louder or anything like that, but it was clearer, and less distorted. I guess this is because of the shape of the speaker, plus being in a small room and how the sound waves bounce around and such.

I was much more impressed with the iLuv Syren Pro than I was right at first. But I knew I needed to give it a much more thorough test indoors not only for a couple of days or so, but with different genres of music.

As suspected, once the sound wasn’t nearly full blast inside the house, things were back to where they should be with a Bluetooth speaker. Playing alternative, country and a bit of pop music, there was little to no distortion with sound settings on normal.

Final Thoughts

After only about 4 days with the iLuv Syren Pro, I can say that I’m very pleased with the speaker. Sound quality is actually very decent. My only complaint about the device is that once you either turn it off, or it goes off automatically after 30 minutes of nothing being set to it, that it has to go through the pairing process every time. Now this process only takes about 45 seconds at the very most, but it’s not like a lot of other speakers where when you turn it back on it’s just automatically paired and ready to play. Again, something minor, but something to mention that some will find quite bothersome.

The Syren Pro is something I’d recommend for your rooms in your house or for outdoor use. To take it to the office, that might be a bit much, though that would depend on the size of the office and who all you might have in close proximity to you within the office.

For the price of about $130 directly from iLuv, the Syren Pro is definitely worth it in my opinion. It’s made of plastic, but it’s durable and very lightweight. It’s therefore easily portable and easy to setup and use with very little interaction.

You can pick one of these excellent speakers up from the link below, as well as shop around for some other products that the folks at iLuv offer.

Let us know in the comments below if you have one of these speakers and what you think about it, or if you’ll be picking one up for yourself based on my review. We’d certainly love to hear your thoughts either way.


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