24K Gold Nikon Df

Back in mid-September, we reported that luxury gadget company Brikk was planning to release a gold covered Nikon Df camera. The camera is now official with more photos and more details.



Brikk is known for creating opulent versions of popular electronics, including phones and tablets. By releasing a Nikon Df, the company is moving its Lux product line into cameras.

The Brikk Nikon Df basically looks like a gigantic special edition monopoly piece, except it actually functions as a normal camera. All the specs are unchanged, except the bodies of the camera and Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8 lens are coated with pure 24 carat yellow gold. Certain parts of the camera (e.g. the grip, focus and zoom rings) are now covered with stingray leather.





Brikk claims that the camera took nearly a year to create in its product development lab. Only 77 units will ever be produced, and each unit will come with original accessories and a custom Zero Halliburton camera case that’s also finished in 24K gold.


Finally, the price. As you might expect, it doesn’t come cheap. While the original camera already costs $2,750, the Brikk version will cost a staggering $41,395 (a strangely specific price, we might add). It’ll be available through authorized retailers and directly from Brikk.


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