Amosu 24CT Gold Iphone 6


A luxury designer Alexander Amosu  has introduced two premium versions of the freshly announced iPhone 6. The first one comes with a 24-karat Yellow and Rose gold plating, the second iPhone 6 model comes additionally studded with diamonds on its back side and all four side bezels.

Gold-plated model of the iPhone 6

The 24-karat gold iPhone 6 handset is named ‘Amosu 24ct Gold IPhone 6′ and is already up for pre-orders from the official Alexander Amosu website. This iPhone 6 owners can engrave their name or their company’s name on the back panel of the handset. Alexander Amosu website is also offering a leather cover worth GBP 150 for the iPhone 6, free of cost for those users who pre-order the smartphone before September 12.

The ‘Amosu Call of Diamond iPhone 6′ also has the gold-plated body as seen on Amosu 24ct Gold IPhone 6, however this time in 18-karat gold. The Amosu Call of Diamond iPhone 6 comes additionally studded with 6,127 VVS1 diamonds and one big 51.29 carat diamond exactly cut to the shape of Apple logo. Made over two months of time, the hand-set, diamond-studded iPhone 6 is priced at GBP 1.7 million.


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