Raincacth : Raincoat that could change the rain into drinking water


This raincoat design was really cool, it can purify the rain water into a drinkable water!!
This amazing invention was called raincatch, the raincatch has a water purification system that can turn the rain water into a drinkable water. This amazing raincoat called Raincatch was invented by CIID students, Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble. How can this raincoat purify the rain water into a drinkable water? Well here’s the explanation about it.

Although it looks like a plain giant plastic bag full of tubes, Raincatch actually hides a complex water purifying mechanism. The collar of the raincoat captures rainwater which is then passed through charcoal filters and a chemical purifying system. The drinkable water is then stored in pockets around the shoulders and the wearer can take sips at any time via a series of plastic tubes sticking out of the raincoat.
You can check this video below for further information about the raincatch.

In some region of this world, the rain water is still clean so it’s not a big problem if you drink the rainwater directly, but due to the polluted climate drinking it without purifying it first poses a real risk to your health. but with the raincatch now you can still enjoy drinking the purify rainwater.


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