Samsung Gear S

The dream of a fully standalone wrist gadget that can make phone calls, stay connected and even help you be sounds good, at least on paper. To own a smartwatch usually means having it be perma-paired to a phone in your pocket: it ends up being, largely, a phone accessory. That’s starting to change. A few bold watches are trying to break away and be their own devices, with their own phone service to boot.

The Samsung Gear S is one of those. This is Samsung’s sixth smartwatch in a little over a year, but it has one big difference: it gets its own cell service and data. It even has its own SIM-card slot. It’s a watch that’s also a phone.


Revolutionary and Stylish

Designed in a purely idealistic way

Revolutionary Stylish image

Samsung Gear S designed with an elegant curved Super AMOLED display for a comfortable fit. Customizable screen clock faces and changeable straps helps to express your own style.
Enjoy rich views with a beautiful and easy-to-use user interface which allows access to relevant information and notification at ease.

Advanced communicator

Communicate More Seamlessly

Advanced communicator image

Now with 3G, Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Samsung Gear S allows you to make/receive calls and messages even when away from your phone.
Instantly send messages using onscreen keyboard, supporting up to 69 languages.

Smart Wearable Experience

Redefining the idea of the smart wearable

Smart Features as a computer image

Samsung Gear S allows you to be lively and productive while on the go, with its extended features & applications. Get to your destination with turn-by-turn pedestrian
navigation, Use enhanced S Voice to complete tasks hands free and Enjoy 24-hour News Briefing and Use S Health to stay fit.Smart Features as a computer image

Personal fitness monitor

Your own health coach

Samsung Gear S is a perfect health and fitness companion featuring more enhanced multi-sensors, built in GPS and robust S Health features. Additionally, applications such as
Nike+ Running allow users to track their runs and stay motivated while on the move, without their smartphone.Health mate for a healthy habit image

Expanded experience

Enhanced Features and Powerful Applications.

Samsung Gear S is empowering users to stay connected with the world around them with powerful and a wide range of 3rd party applications optimized for a robust wearable experience.

Expanded experience

*Discover more about Gear S app development

The Good The Samsung Gear S has a big, bright curved display, decent battery life, comes with its own bonus battery pack and can stay connected away from a phone with its own 3G data or Wi-Fi. It’s attractive, albeit rather large. It’s a complete on-wrist phone.

The Bad It still requires a recent Samsung phone to pair with and install apps, and its standalone features don’t work with all apps and notifications. The Gear app library is still weak compared with Android Wear.

The Bottom Line The wildly ambitious Samsung Gear S smartwatch doubles as a full standalone smartphone, but the software and apps available don’t let it do as much as you’d expect.


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