Takee 1

Technology is now beyond what man can possibly imagine. As time slowly creeps on from point to point, technology changes and evolves to deeper and formidable stage with superhuman creations ever made to make life more lively and meaningful.

Over the decades, we have seen a lot of inventions worked out from wildest imagination- from our basic needs to wants and desires, technology has something to brag and give. One of the most ingenious inventions is the smartphone.


Smartphone is a more advanced kind of a mobile phone and it’s really helpful a lot, yet brilliant minds of this digital era is not yet contented looking for more innovation like the hologram.

The Chinese company Estar recently created an impressive device that made the hologram a wish come true, and it claims to be the world’s first holographic smartphone– exactly like the devices we usually see in movies like the Star Wars.

Just imagine yourself looking into three-dimensional images in this phone. Isn’t it awesome? Well, yes!

With no further ado, introducing the world’s first ever 3D holographic smartphone, Estar Takee 1!



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